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In these days, the car is the most popular mean of transportation. We use it every day whether it's for work or leisure. The car being such an important and integral part of our everyday life, it is important to keep it in an excellent condition. The battery is the heart of the car, so we must take good care of it. Car batteries should provide the power and energy required to operate the car perfectly. At Car Battery Luton, you will find a wide range of brand-name closed-type car batteries and the best repairing work that is necessary.

What Battery Do You Need?

First off, the most basic thing to know is what battery your car needs. The new battery must conform to the specifications set by the car manufacturer. The easiest way to find out what the manufacturer proposes are, is to read the car booklet. If you do not know where your booklet is, you can come to our workshop and we will help you find out whatever information you need. In case your car had a closed-type battery when you bought it, is not recommended to replace it with an open type (and vice versa) because the battery will not charge properly.

Battery Types: The Car Battery is divided into 2 categories: Open and Closed Type.

Open type: are batteries that can be serviced by filling liquids (Electrolytes). When the electrolytes go below a certain level, all you have to do is go and fill the fluids (either yourself or in our workshop).

Closed Type: These are non-maintenanceable batteries and therefore have an indicator that displays the battery status in colour. The only thing that can be done on these types of batteries is to charge them, but it's a needy solution that does not last long.

Battery Size: The battery should meet the requirements of the car. Construction date, cubism and engine technology all are equally important. The batteries are divided in the following categories:

  • Old technology batteries
  • New technology batteries
  • Premium batteries for new cars
  • Hybrid car Batteries

Tip from us: If you stay in a place that has a cold weather then you need to find a battery that can cope adequately with the climatic conditions! We therefore wish you to find the battery that best suits your car!