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One of the most disturbing sounds that you can hear while driving is undoubtedly the sound coming from your brakes. From a gentle rumbling to the creepy crack of the rusty swing, brakes have a very wide range of sounds. When there is a loud sound this means there is a big problem. In any case, the brakes of your car should never be ignored. If the air conditioner stops operating, you may freeze, but you will be able to withstand it. But if you do not deal with brake noise in time, the problem may be much larger in the future.


Do you ever drive and listen to a gentle but irritating whistle every time your foot touches the brake? Our professionals have explained that there are two kinds of whistling:

1. The first is the one of the "rolling"

2. The second is the one of the change

If the car or the pads are new, then the whistle is quite common until the pads are shed. If this is not the case, your pads must be checked because they probably need to be changed.


If the sound you hear reminds you of scratching rather than whistling, then there are two very possible scenarios.

  • The most common and simple thing is that a stone or something else from the surface of the road is stuck between the disc and the tassel, which produces that sound.
  • The second might mean that the pads have been worn and should be checked by a workshop.


Do you hear a creepy sound, like shrieking, every time you hit the brake? This usually means that two surfaces, which should not come in contact under normal conditions, rub against each other and are resulting in this squealing sound. In simpler words, the car's pads are rather worn out and must be replaced!

Your car has its way of alerting you when something goes wrong. The best way to deal with a problem is prevention. This is why you should visit Brake Service Luton who can guarantee your safety by replacing or fixing the brakes of your car in the best way possible.