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The engine exhaust system is responsible for transporting the exhaust gases from the combustion chamber to the atmosphere. Thus the so-called "exhaust" can always receive some improvements, which will cause better exhaust flow in order to make the engine more efficient.


What you can do to prevent anything happening to your exhaust:

Take care of your car's exhaust system so that you do not emit harmful exhaust fumes and to also help your car work properly.

Do not press the accelerator pedal when you start the car because the catalytic converter gets overcharged.

Do not try to put forward a catalytic engine that is damaged more than 3-4 times. Try to locate the damage and then try again.


  • Multiple exports: The manifold is the one that contacts the engine and has as many lumens, as the motor cylinders. An improved one has a larger diameter and size, but also a better design to improve exhaust flow.
  • Catalyst: The catalyst is made of ceramic substrates. An enhancing catalyst has a metallic substrate inside it, which is made of thin metal sheets. The metal walls allow the substrate to cover a larger surface, compared to a conventional metallic catalyst.
  • Medium cauldron: The middle cauldron is located behind the catalyst and its main purpose is to regulate the flow of exhaust gases. In the trade, we can find one that improves the performance of your car, giving you extra power at high operating speeds.
  • Final cauldron: The factory’s final cauldron is "muted" by the manufacturer to significantly reduce noise levels. We can place a new one in your vehicle which will provide a sporty feeling due to the slightly increased noise (within the framework of the legislation).

The mission of drive ryte in Luton, is to repair and maintain car exhausts by working consistently and responsibly, following the manufacturers' instructions and complying with the rules of modern technology with respect for the environment and human beings.