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We make your vehicle fit for MOT - Drive Ryte Luton service and MOT garage.

You probably know already that every vehicle over the age of three years must undergo a yearly MOT test to make sure the car is safe and roadworthy.

We Drive Ryte in Luton prepare your vehicle for the MOT test and exhaust gas examination, and in case some work needs doing in order to pass the MOT test, we can do all the necessary repair and maintenance measures for you.

Then we will gladly perform the MOT test on your car. At our garage, you will find all services under one roof which saves you time and money. The test points of the MOT are very comprehensive and comprise over 160 points. Here the most important primary data of the main examination


License plate, mirror, horn, speedometer, radio interference suppression

Lighting equipment:

Headlights, low beam, main beam, parking brake, parking lights

Brake system:

Effect, pedal travel, tightness, brake lines and hoses, brake drums and discs, brake pads


Damage to tyres or rims, profile depth

Chassis and body:

Brakes, cracks and corrosion on load-bearing parts, underrun protection, shock absorbers, wheel bearings, axle body, oil loss

Fire safety of fuel/gas systems and electrical wiring, Exhaust and noise characteristics of the exhaust system Steering system for ease of movement, play and function Acceptance of subsequently installed non-standard parts We carry out the desired modification work and have it confirmed during the MOT test.

These include:

  • Catalytic converter (CAT) retrofits
  • Lowering of the vehicle
  • Subsequent installation of a trailer coupling
  • Other desired and feasible modifications

So, next time your vehicle's MOT is due, book it with us. We always have appointments available suitable for all our customers. Just book via our website or call us on 01582 435119.

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