Performance Tyres

Performance Tyres

Faster, bigger, wider...more, more, more!!!

The importance of the ultra-high-performance segment - in short: UHP - has steadily increased in recent years. The market for tyres from 17 " upwards, equipped with a speed index of W, Y or Z is steadily on the rise. And demand will continue to grow.

Vehicles that are equipped as standard with engines for speeds above 150 mph are now part of the daily road scene.

This trend can also be observed in the still growing market segment of the SUVs. Four-wheel drive vehicles such as the Range Rover HSE, the Audi Q7, the Mercedes GLK and the VW Touareg are able to achieve speeds well above 130 mph.

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Demanding task field for specialists

Modern wide tyres generally offer advantages in the areas of cornering stability, steering precision, lane and load change as well as agility. However, in the face of increasingly sporty cars, conventional tyres are becoming less and less suited to the demands of the industry in the high-end sector. High-performance vehicles always require more specific solutions. At the same time, fuel consumption and safety play an increasingly important role in vehicle manufacturers' specifications. Up to 23 inches for SUVs

Also for SUVs, the demand for performance tyres is steadily on the rise. The tyres cover the range of 15 to 23-inch wheel diameters and cross-sections between 85 and 25 percent. Speeds allow up to 190 mph. Higher speeds are also possible under controlled test conditions.

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