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Welcome to Drive Ryte in Luton - your one-stop Service and MOT garage.


We undertake all necessary vehicle maintenance work for you.

Come to our garage for regular maintenance. We will do a full check-up of the vehicle and cover any deficiencies. Among other services we offer the following:

Vehicle complete check and maintenance,

Small and large inspections according to manufacturer specifications

Tyre change

Air condition service

Regardless of the manufacturer or the model, we carry out small and large inspections for your vehicle. In doing so, we are mainly aligned with the specifications of the producers and the specified service intervals. We make extensive checks and exchange, if necessary, the wear parts against original components of the respective car brand or high-quality alternatives according to our customer's wishes.

The scope of the inspection depends on the manufacturer's specifications and the mileage.

    The large inspection includes:

  • Change of engine oil and oil filter
  • air filter
  • spark plugs
  • V-belts toothed belts inspection
  • Tyre tread check
  • Brake discs, brake pads, parking brake,
  • brake wires
  • lighting system
  • instrument lighting
  • lights
  • Steering systems check
  • Clutch / automatic transmission
  • Check of battery
  • Body - Corrosion control
  • Underbody check
  • Reset service interval displays
  • Unless explicitly specified by the manufacturer, only the worn out parts are renewed.

    The small inspection includes:

  • Oil and air filters
  • Testing of the electrics
  • Read out the vehicle fault memory or the onboard computer
  • Coolant, antifreeze and brake fluid
  • Tyre tread check
  • Windshield wiper fluid
  • check and top-up of oil level
  • Maintenance of air conditioning
  • Check of the engine compartment
  • Check the brake system

So, if your car's service is due and you are looking for a service workshop in Luton, just send it to us - Drive Ryte on Park Street.

You can book your service online or over the phone. Our tip: Why not book the annual service in combination with your next MOT? This would save time and money.

Any questions? Let us know, please. Our Drive Ryte Luton service team is happy to help.

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