Summer Tyres

Summer Tyres

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Summer tyres help you to have good controlling of the car and offer a good adhesion on dry and wet roads while operating better at temperatures above 7 ° C.

Reasons to choose summer tyres:

  • Braking: They offer stronger braking on both wet and dry road.
  • Response: They provide faster and more accurate directional change - especially at high speeds - resulting being essential for heavy drivers.
  • Handling: Thanks to the softer blend of rubber, they help you to have a better control of the turns and other obstacles.

Summer tyres technologies are:

  • Max Flange Shield (MFS): A rim flange protection system. A rubber profile runs through the circumference of the tyre, creating a rim protection zone for the rim.
  • Silica-Plus Mixture: The silica-plus rubber blend is designed for the racetrack and provides better road surface adhesion.
  • Special ring system: A system that strengthens the tyre-to-wheel interface and gives you total control, better driving precision and excellent road information.

These are only a few of the advantages of summer tyres.

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