Tyres Fitting

Tyres Fitting

Tyre fitting is a job for experts.

Always maintain good grounding

The tyres are the only direct contact between your car and the road surface. For this reason, assembly, refilling and balancing must be carried out by qualified technicians and with the right equipment and tools. Tyres are wearing parts and must be regularly checked and replaced during the life of a vehicle.

Recognise the warning signs

Various indications indicate that the tyres must be replaced immediately:

  • Residual profile depth less than 1.6 mm (this corresponds to the legal minimum profile depth, we recommend replacing the tyres as early as 3 mm)
  • Deformations: incisions, bumps, blisters
  • Difficult steering (vibrations, deviations)
  • Longer braking distances

Why should you come to the Drive Ryte tyre fitting garage in Luton for tyre replacement?

For more driving safety

Tyres pumped to the correct pressure to ensure optimum driving behaviour and to reduce the risk of burstingInstallation of new tyres on the rear axle for better ground adhesionReplace the valves every time the tyres are installed to maintain the airtightness of the tyres

For your comfort

Optimal balancing to avoid vibrationsExcessive tyre pressure can impair the rolling comfort

To save costs

Too low tyre pressure increases the rolling resistance and fuel consumptionThe correct balancing improves the running performance of the tyres.

Drive Ryte Luton's expert service

  • Tyre mounting by the Drive Ryte experts systematically includes:
  • Visual inspection of the steering geometry
  • Electronic balancing of the wheels
  • Replacement of the valves
  • Filling on the correct pressure

If you are not sure whether your tyres need replacing or if you have any other issues with the vehicle or the tyres, please come to see us.

For urgent matters, you don't need to book an appointment. We will look after your vehicle straight away.

Our experts will carry out a check and, if necessary, a tyre change.

A little advice from our Drive Ryte experts:

Do not forget to have the brakes and shock absorbers of your car regularly checked for more driving safety.Your Drive Ryte Luton team