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Scotsman John Boyd Dunlop invented an air-filled tyre in the year 1888 and then applied for the patent on his invention - this was the start-up for the tyre company Dunlop, which was officially founded a year later. Over the decades, Dunlop has often been a pioneer in the introduction of new tyre technologies and has been instrumental in many inventions.

Dunlop has been part of the Japanese company Sumitomo Rubber Industries since 1983, just like the Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company. Since 1999, the Goodyear Dunlop joint venture has been managing the distribution of both brands, whose range of products includes summer tyres, all-season tyres and winter tyres for cars, vans and trucks, but also SUV and motorbike tyres and tyres for agricultural vehicles. Dunlop tyres are also known for motorsport, as the brand has been supporting the DTM with its tyres for years, as well as the Le Mans race.

Dunlop tyres are hugely popular for good reasons. Dunlop has always been innovative in the field of winter tyres. They were Dunlop engineers who discovered the aquaplaning phenomenon. Today the selection of Dunlop winter tyres consists of four different models. The Dunlop SP Wintersport 4D, for example, has a good balance and high safety reserves. Also the Dunlop tyre Dunlop SP Sport Fastresponse has good running stability, good braking behaviour and good handling on dry ground as well as for low fuel consumption and low wear.


  • founded in 1888
  • belongs to the GoodyearDunlop group
  • Boyd Dunlop invented the air-filled tyre in 1888

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