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In 1941, Chosun Tyre Industrial Co. was the first tyre manufacturer to be established in South Korea. For the time being, he sold his tyres exclusively in Korea and the USA, but then extended his marketing area to the European market, starting with the launch of the product in France. In 1979 the first world-wide factory for the exclusive production of tyres was built in Daejeon, Korea. Since the 1990s Hankook tyres are also known in the UK. In 2003 the company agreed on cooperation with Michelin, so Hankook can now sell its tyres under the Michelin- brand as well.

Today, the company operates in 185 countries around the world, ranking No. 7 on the market since 2007. Over 14,000 employees in 4 regional headquarters in North America, Asia and Europe work for Hankook. The company has more than 20 foreign subsidiaries and generates 70% of its sales abroad. In Europe, the first branch office in France was opened in 1996. Today, the company has offices in the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, Turkey and Hungary. The product range of Hankook tyres includes summer, all-season and winter tyres for various vehicles, such as cars, trucks, light trucks, SUVs, buses and minibuses. Hankook is also known for the development of high-quality racing tyres and sponsorship in motorsports. In the 2011 and 2012 season, only Hankook racing tyres are used in the DTM. Also, the Hankook tyres are also very popular with various car manufacturers, including first-class brands such as Ford, BMW, Volvo, Renault and VW.

Hankook tyres are popular in the UK, as is the model Hankook Kinergy Eco K425, which is characterised by its good handling, its low road noise and its excellent braking behaviour.

The Hankook summer tyres are among the best sellers in the UK. In this segment, the manufacturer offers various models, including the Hankook Optimo K715. This tyre convinces with an optimal grip on the dry and wet road. Especially in all safety-relevant disciplines this summer tyre.


  • Most successful Asian tire manufacturer according to Bridgestone
  • One of our best-selling brands at Dice Ryte Luton
  • Are known for their good value for money

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