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The history of Michelin tyres began in 1889 when the siblings Edouard and André Michelin decided to run the French family business. They renamed it to "Michelin Compagnie" and started producing rubber products. When they developed by chance an air tyre for bicycles, this was the first step towards the success story of the Michelin tyre group. In the following years, they investigated their discovery and then filed a patent for it in 1891. As early as 1895, it was the first time an automobile with air tyres started for the great race of Paris to Bordeaux and back. Although it has been disqualified, it was shown, that Michelin tyres can also be used on motorised vehicles.

Michelin then expanded into the USA and Europe, and tyres for trucks were produced in addition to car tyres. The Group also helped drivers get more orientation in road traffic by publishing route planners and road maps, and distributed them for free. In the field of car tyres, Michelin was primarily concerned with maximising the grip by changing the tread, increasing longevity and the tubeless system. In the nineties, Michelin introduced a so-called "green tyre", which was able to offer improved rolling friction and thus reduced fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emissions. Michelin summer tyres enjoy great popularity. One of the top sellers is the Michelin Energy Saver, which is particularly appreciated for its energy efficiency and environmental protection. The Michelin Pilot Sport 3 is particularly suitable for medium and upper-class vehicles, which can score with a high running performance and good transmission of forces.

Nowadays, Michelin is one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world. Apart from all types of passenger car tyres, his portfolio also includes a large range of motorcycle tyres, but also truck and off-road tyres. Michelin tyres are manufactured, marketed and sold worldwide by nearly 120,000 employees in over 70 production sites. In 2000, the Michelin Man" Bibendum" was voted by the jury of the Financial Times as the best corporate logo ever.

Facts about Michelin tyres

  • Founded in 1889
  • The brands BFGoodrich, Kleber, Kormoran and Riken, belong to the Michelin company
  • is of particular importance to comfort, longevity, grip, high performance and environmentally frienliness
  • No. 1 in the area of ??premium tires, the whole tire industry is oriented to Michelin's industry and price strategy
  • Winner of the best company logo award (2000, Financial Times)

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