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Pirelli tyres have been manufactured since the year 1902 when the production centre of cables and telegraph cables has been laid on car tyres in the rubber factory, founded just 30 years earlier in Milan. The company, which already went public in 1922, had great success, especially in the 1980s. In 1981, for example, Pirelli generated sales of just under $ 2 billion. In the following years, Pirelli took over the brands Metzeler and Armstrong and from 1991 worked closely with the Swedish company Trelleborg AG, which still has the license rights to the Pirelli sector in the sector of agricultural tyres.

In addition to various types of tyres for many different types of vehicles such as passenger cars, trucks and motorcycles, the Pirelli Group was also involved in the development and sale of cables by 2005. Of course, the company produces season-specific tyres such as Pirelli winter tyres as well as summer tyres and all-season tyres. In addition to the Pirelli P6, the sporty Pirelli Cinturato P7 is one of the most popular Pirelli tyres and is considered a very wear-resistant summer tyre. The balanced Pirelli Winter 190 Snowcontrol 3 tyre provides safety on the wintery surface.

Pirelli has a great connection to motorsports. Since 2011, the company is the sole supplier of racing tyres used in the Formula 1 and the GP2 series. Also, Pirelli is known as a sponsor of the Italian football team Inter Milan and the Pirelli calendar.

Facts about Pirelli tyres:

  • Founded in 1872
  • Including the Metzeler brand
  • The world's largest tyre manufacturer
  • Annually there is the famous Pirelli calendar - given as a present only to special customers (never sold to the public)
  • Sponsored 1950-1991 and 2011 Formula 1

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